Frigate PLC is a British company specializing on equity investments in such instruments as: debt securities of investment rating, derivatives on commodity and raw materials instruments. The basis of the investment approach is the selection of a portfolio of assets with a high probability of positive revaluation with a controlled degree of risk in the ratio from 1 to 3 and above.

The company's management has profound knowledge of debt capital markets and commodity and raw materials markets, as well as experience of successful crisis forecasting and management in crisis periods: 2008/2014/2020, to the current crisis (supply inflation) of the first quarter of 2022.

Management has many years of practical experience: in banking, as well as experience in managing significant volumes of liquidity, advising bank representatives in the application of derivatives, development and implementation of methods of market analysis, and investment advice to companies and individuals.

The company's priority plans include increasing its capital through the placement of debt securities and equity securities on organized markets.

Our philosophy is to build a portfolio with minimal risk tolerance and controlled growth of the added value of the company's assets with deep and comprehensive elaboration of the investment decisions made in the interests of the debt holders and shareholders.